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Dr. Noelle King specializes in preconception and post-partum care. Preconception care includes fertility issues, miscarriage care, recurrent loss, preconception optimization, IVF supportive treatments, IUI, endocrinology/autoimmune disease in conception etc. Post-partum care includes hormonal regulation, post-partum depression and mood disorders, birth trauma,, breastfeeding support and management etc. Telehealth visits are offered across state lines. Home visits available for 4th trimester patients. Dr. King's practice also includes general women’s health, teen health and safe pregnancy primary care. LGBTQ+ friendly. Dr. King is a board member of Baby Blues Connection, a PDX based non profit organization that facilitates resources to post partum women

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PSI Perinatal Mental Health 2-Day Certificate Course Yes

PSI/2020 Mom Online Maternal Mental Health Course No

PSI Frontline Provider Training No

PSI Advanced Psychopharmacology Course Yes

Psychiatric Medication Prescriber Medication Evaluation and Prescription


2540 NE Martin Luther King JR Blvd
United States

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Fax: (833)257-6059

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  • PMH-C Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional


Monday: 10-2pm (telehealth only) Tuesday: 10-2pm (telehealth only) Wednesday: 9-6pm in office and telehealth Thursday: 10-2pm (telehealth only) Friday: 9-6pm in office and telehealth

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