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After months of trying to conceive, you finally see that second line on your pregnancy test. Initially, you are overjoyed, finally! Or maybe you are shocked that you conceived on your first try. What feels like only a moment later you are overcome by sheer panic. Panic so deep that you question if you can really say it out loud. Or maybe your pregnancy went swimmingly and you have a beautiful new born…that you just can’t stop worrying about. You no longer know how to define yourself. Mother, sure but is that all? You are angry, overwhelmed and you feel alone. You are ready to try something different, to learn or relearn how to be this person. I can help. Through a variety of evidence-based treatments, I can support you through the work of finding your way back home to yourself.

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PSI Perinatal Mental Health 2-Day Certificate Course Yes

PSI/2020 Mom Online Maternal Mental Health Course No

PSI Frontline Provider Training No

PSI Advanced Psychopharmacology Course No


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United States

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We want you to know you are not alone and you are not to blame. Help is available. You will get better.

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