Preggers Can Be Choosers


Postpartum can be rough and be isolating AF. Get in here and jump on and let's chat and connect and figure out how to be real and there. Topic changes each session. Starting where we are! Sign up here for reminder texts a few hours before the group. It's easy to lose track of time and miss out. Zoom link click click click! Headphones help you hear better and filter out noise! Our Rules of Engagement: Purpose: to decrease isolation, share feelings and in general whats UP. * Be kind * Support, over solutions (limiting crosstalk) * Succinct (no bogarting) * If a moderator interrupts you don’t take it personally * One person talks at a time, speaking stick style * Disclaimer: peer support not paid psychotherapy * Not prescribing or diagnosing * Reminder, because this is a public forum be mindful if you are breastfeeding, have culturally/religious needs ex: covered hair, in a lawsuit or dangerous sitch. * This will be recorded and the audio turned into a podcast for your middle of the night support, or whenever you need us, really. *join our fb group for in between meeting support

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PSI Social Support Course Yes

PSI Perinatal Mental Health 2-Day Certificate Course No

PSI/2020 Mom Online Maternal Mental Health Yes

Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Training No

Additional specialized Perinatal Mental Health training Dr. Blythe has been heavily trained and attends most support groups, however this is peer led support and not psychotherapy.

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This support group is hosted virtually on Zoom. Our offices are located here, however the support group is not held in person.

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  • Online support group focused on supporting each other through difficult perinatal times.


Tuesdays 11:00 to noon

We want you to know you are not alone and you are not to blame. Help is available. You will get better.

24-Hr Helpline: call 1.800.944.4773 or text 503.894.9453

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